Originally from South Carolina, Donnie currently resides in New York City. Donnie started his Graphic Design career in 2007 after graduating from the Savannah College of Art & Design with a MFA in Illustration. Before Donnie attended SCAD, he graduated from South Carolina State University with a BFA in Studio Art.


Currently Donnie is working as a Graphic Designer in the fashion industry. Donnie specializes in digital art using Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. He also paints on canvas using primarily Acrylics. During the week he works his full-time Graphic Design job. On the weekend, you can find him painting on canvas, creating logos, promotional designs, album covers and other freelance projects.






Master of Fine Art

Savannah College of Art and Design 

Major:  Illustration 

Graduated 2006


Bachelor of Fine Art

South Carolina State University 

Major:  Studio Art 

Graduated 2003 




Senior CAD/Graphic Designer

Garan Incorporated

August 2016 –Present

-Create original graphics for screen prints, embroidery/appliques, and print repeat patterns for Garanimals children's clothing for Walmart stores. Girl sizes 4-16.
-Monitor and keep up-to-date new trends, techniques, treatments and resources in     graphic trends.
-Create sample/production ready files.
-Prepare trend presentation materials including trend books, banners, and boards.



Senior CAD/Graphic Designer

Sears Holdings Corporation

January 2007 – JULY 2016


-Graphic Designer/Illustrator for Boys Fashions Juvi Sizes 4-7 and Big Boy Sizes 8-20

-Create original prints and graphics for Sears and Kmart private brands that are cost-effective

and trendy.

- Involved in the entire design process, from market research to sample review

with buyers.

-Create original graphics for several shirt styles

-Create Kmart boys Athletech graphics and prints

-Create Sears boys Canyon River Blues, Everlast, and Toughskins graphics and prints

-Prepare Graphics/Prints for production on pitch sheets with color, size, and technique call outs

-Create original sleepwear, swimwear, and main line prints for private brands

-Seasonal research of the latest graphic trends and techniques

-Work closely with fashion designers to create more than 200 graphics and 100 prints per year.

-Submit art files and sample recap information in FlexPLM